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Employer Driven Insurance Services, Inc.

Quality people, doing quality work, produce a quality result.

We are in the business of third party administration, but we know that relationships are what matter most.

Let us show you how to find the solution to providing affordable group health coverage.


Why We Are
Employer Driven

Quality people, doing quality work, produce a quality result

E.D.I.S. has quickly become one of the country’s leading third party administrators (TPAs) and has carried on the innovation of "employer driven” medical, dental, and vision plans for small, medium and large groups. The company has built its reputation by providing top of the line administration for group health plans ranging from fully insured high deductible to excess stop loss plans.

With its plan administration, claims and accounting services, E.D.I.S. is providing agents and brokers with a seamless, turnkey health benefits solution for their employer clients while reducing cost and maintaining or improving benefits. Founded in 2014, E.D.I.S. is run by a team of seasoned professionals. Our management team offers years of experience and expertise in plan administration on behalf of employers and carriers. In addition to the services outlined above, E.D.I.S. oversees, manages and provides support for compliance issues such as HIPAA, CMS reporting and Affordable Care Act regulations. E.D.I.S. staffs 65 employees who make up more than 350 years of service in insurance. Our service includes claims administration, customer service team, eligibility, renewal and underwriting and complete billing and collection functionality. We provide an online web portal and access to proprietary, trademarked software for member convenience free of charge. Health Plan Design, Administration and Enrollment for more than 18 high deductible medical, dental, and vision plans offered by the top insurance carriers in the Western US; providing complete flexibility in Medical Expense Reimbursement Plan (MERP) and Health Reimbursement Arrangement (HRA) plan design including member co-pays for office visits and prescriptions.

Additionally, E.D.I.S. has become a leader in the administration of Excess Loss Plans with its EDHP™ Portfolio. The excess loss administration allows for multiple funding types to fit the needs of employers as small as 10.  Our EDHP™ level funded stop loss plans have become a top seller.

E.D.I.S. currently serves more than 700 employer groups. It is licensed in multiple states to include Arizona, California, Colorado, Kansas, Michigan, Nevada, Oregon, South Carolina, Texas, Utah and Washington D.C., totaling approximately 60,000 covered lives.

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